The Tall White aliens find their place within UFOlogy

Book Review of Charles James Hall, Millennial Hospitality IV: After Hours (Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2007).

Warren P. Aston
Copyright 2008

For more than two years in the 1960’s, USAF weather observer Charles Hall claims to have interacted with a group of aliens in the Nevada desert whom he dubs the “Tall Whites.” In exchange for their U.S military-provided underground base, the Tall Whites were providing the military with limited technology. Their presence in the area predated not only the military use of the land, but even the arrival of the white man. In fact, some of the long-lived “visitors” had apparently been born on earth hundreds of years ago.

Hall’s book documents in great detail how he came to this assignment, the fate of earlier weather observers and how he slowly came to realize that what he was seeing was real. Lots of self-deprecating humor is found as Hall’s story as he attempts to reconcile his experiences with his Catholic faith and no-nonsense upbringing. His encounters with the beings became almost daily occurrences and he was able to communicate both in English and telepathically with several of them. Some of the group lived permanently at their base in family groups while others arrived regularly in groups for short stays. He was able to observe the regular schedule of their large deep-space craft as well as the smaller, earth-built craft used for “local” travel. From this, Hall developed his theory of how the aliens navigate and achieve faster-than-light travel.

None of this is to say that the book is without flaws. A good argument could be made for reducing the repetitious descriptions of the desert scenery where Charles was based, although I found that reading them helped me to more easily enter his daily life and mindset. More background is needed about an earlier encounter he claims to have had with another alien group while growing up in Wisconsin. Artist’s impressions would help to further flesh out his descriptions of the aliens and their craft. And some of his deductions and ideas were clearly made after the fact, rather than as events unfolded, as the text implies. But these are minor quibbles compared to the potential significance of the Tall White story.

Secret US space program beginnings? One of the book’s most intriguing elements has no direct connection to his Tall White encounters: in the summer of 1965, Hall claims to have witnessed the launch of a large rocket that seems to have been a prototype space shuttle assembly – a large central rocket with two side boosters attached. Attached to the central fuel tank was an X-15 styled spacecraft with two cockpits visible. He was able to track the launch and separation of the boosters through his theodolite until it disappeared over the horizon.   1    Hall later calculated the launch was from somewhere in Area 51.

For Hall’s story to have validity, the covert development of a larger two-pilot craft and a ground-launch facility comparable to Vandenberg AFB would be necessary by 1965. The most plausible explanation is that the X15’s successor, the X20 Dyna-Soar craft, did make it into space, co-opted by the military, contra the official story that the project was cancelled in December 1963.   2   Charles Hall’s account thus fits nicely with this timeframe, shedding possibly significant light on the black-op aspects of America’s space program. It gives considerable weight to long-standing claims from many sources that unacknowledged manned launches have been carried out for decades and that the NASA programs represents only the public face fronting a vastly more advanced military space operation.

Independent confirmation of the Tall Whites reality: As for the Tall Whites, reports of very tall, very thin and very white humanoid beings have been a staple, although not prominent, component of “alien encounters” over the years. Often these reports contain key elements found in Millennial Hospitality: the Tall Whites are very thin, proud, aloof beings normally uninterested in human contact. They can run, very fast. They may grow up to 8 feet or more in height. They often wear clothing that allows them to hover. They are involved in limited technology transfers to the US military. They can – and do – pass themselves off as human with suitable clothing and makeup. Hall’s book contains several corroborating accounts from people who appear to have encountered the same beings. I would like to add two that seem to involve the Tall White race:

In 1995, a group of seven people near Honolulu encountered an extremely white woman at least 7ft 4in tall, walking with long strides down a hill from a large landed craft that they had earlier assumed was a strange house. The woman wore a kind of white tunic almost to her knees with long white boots. She had very long black curly hair (perhaps a wig?) and appeared to be in her twenties or thirties.   3   Contractors involved in the construction of military facilities have sometimes claimed to have had glimpses of obvious extraterrestrials working with humans. In 1991, for example, one contractor working deep underground in Edwards AFB in California described briefly seeing a being between 8 and 10 feet tall talking with two human engineers.   4

In 1977, a family in England seems to have had an encounter with the Tall Whites and, once again, there was a military involvement. On a summers evening in July the Green family were driving through a forest area near the Farnborough Royal Airforce Base when they encountered two coach loads of troops entering the woods. They briefly noticed what appeared to be burn marks on the ground as if something had crashed. Concerned, the Greens turned their car around to drive back the way they came. In so doing they came across two “men” of impressive height standing nearby, “exceedingly thin” and dressed in tight-fitting one piece white suits and helmets, clothing that reminded them of the Apollo astronauts. As the family watched, the two beings suddenly broke into a run, heading toward a clearing in which they vanished in plain view. Continued army activity in the woods and the sighting of a black craft flying near their house a few months later link this case squarely with the Charles Hall story.   5

One gets the strong impression that what is revealed in these reports and in Charles Hall’s books is but the tip of an iceberg of deep involvement between the military-industrial complex of several countries with several alien groups. Hall speculates on the wider dimensions and longer history of this contact, but it is restrained speculation that stays close to his own experiences. One has to read the three earlier Millennial Hospitality volumes to get the full story. Or at least the full story so far; Hall has confirmed that more took place than he has so far written about.    6   Meantime, Gerry Zeitlin’s website has an excellent range of maps and imagery that flesh out the Charles Hall story nicely.    7   Hopefully a future book will condense all that happened together with much-needed illustrations.  

Originally written only to preserve his experiences for his grandchildren, Charles Hall’s account has provided a credible home for a variety of reports that almost seemed outside main-stream UFOlogy and has let us see, I believe for the first time, how a credible military-alien liaison may have started.

This seminal book deserves much more than a brief review can provide. Engineers and medicos need to evaluate the information about the alien’s weapon system. Physicists need to explore Hall’s data on propulsion systems and super-luminal travel. These and many other claims need to be evaluated and assimilated by the UFO community as soon as possible.



1. Millennial Hospitality IV, 80-87. In his account Hall thought little of the launch (which may have been unmanned of course) beyond its beauty, assuming it to be a natural development of the space program. The X15 program of course officially never progressed beyond one-pilot air-launched craft that performed only suborbital flights from 1959-1968 as a precursor to the Mercury program. A useful introduction is found at

2. The X20 Dyna-Soar program lasted from 1959 to1963 when it was cancelled, officially without any flights having taken place. See, for example:

3. Unpublished account courtesy of Glennys Mackay, MUFON Australia, used with permission.

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