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Talk Radio Appearances
Come out to hear Charles Hall talk about his experiences.

Recent Talk Radio Appearances
Charles Hall gives extensives talks on his unique experiences
Cosmic Innerviews HOSTED BY: Michelle Emerson July 22, 2009 9:00 - 10:00 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time
The Truth Quest Show HOSTED BY: Melodee June 30, 2009
The Richard Syrett Show HOSTED BY: Richard Syrett January 16, 2009
The Kevin Smith Show HOSTED BY: Kevin Smith Jaunuary 14, 2009
DIMENSION X Radio Program HOSTED BY: Dr William Lester Originally Scheduled for: December 13, 2008 Rescheduled to: Jaunuary 10, 2009
UFO Undercover: Joe Montaldo November 05, 2008
UFO Paranormal Radio Network with Trice Sheridan April 13, 2008
Kevin Smith Show February 6, 2008
UFO Paranormal Radio Network with Joe Montaldo January 16, 2006
Ghost Radio's Underworld Show with host Lia Ramses June 03, 2007 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)