Millennial Hospitality Book Cover
Title: Millennial Hospitality
Hard Cover ISBN: 1-4033-7670-0
Soft Cover ISBN: 1-4033-6874-0
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-40336-873-7
Publish Date: 04/25/2003
Hard Copy: $35.95
Soft Copy: $24.95
Electronic Copy: $5.95
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Millennial Hospitality
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Charles James Hall was a weather observer in the United States Air Force and was stationed at Indian Springs, Nevada in the mid-sixties. He worked on memoirs in his spare time for over 18 years. He expected to leave his memoirs to his grandchildren. When his wife, Marie, discovered his detailed accounts of the terrifying experiences he had with extraterrestrials over a two year period, she convinced him that the grandchildren could just as easily read his stories after he published them.

In the first book of what Marie decided would become the Millennial Hospitality series, we see what an especially confusing, denial filled existence, Charles weathered. He was never briefed, not before, during, or after his extraordinary journey into uncharted territory. In order to convince Charles that it would be okay to publish this ground breaking saga, Marie suggested that he change the names of his friends and places. Notwithstanding the disclaimer in front of the book, everything in the books is true and happened to Charles James Hall.